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I started making these pots for my succulents and cacti, trying to match the parched and scorched earth they break through. The idea was not to create a perfectly formed piece of pottery but more a feeling of the natural ground and deserts. All the pots are made  on a 100 year old manual treadle potters wheel or by hand alone.They might be slightly misshapen or rough inside, this is due to the manner they are built.I am happy when they look interesting and no two will ever be the same.

Dragon pots are hand formed,

Thrown pots are made on a manual potters wheel,

Large pots are made either by hand or on the wheel .

Please do not purchase if you expect a manufactured finish, that is not my intention.

I try to add my potters name of CHILLI to the base of the pots where room. Sometimes glaze does cover the name. Thanks Mark

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15% discount off second pot ( least expensive) if 2 pots are purchased together.
additional 20% off third (least expensive) pot if 3 are purchased together. (Up to 2 pots at 20%)

Shipping from England at cost starting at $15 for a small pot to the U.S.A.

additional pots are usually an extra $10 each dependent on size

Pots are made in Derbyshire England and shipped world wide. Pots are priced in $'s as it is an international currency

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